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Good news!  Haflinger stock in store 30th June!!!!

 Haflinger slipper felt grey  Haflinger slipper felt red

And other good news...the factory which makes some styles in the town of Lviv western Ukraine is still producing. 

Lviv's population of 79000 is only 70 Kms away from the polish border.  Lets hope all will be safe.

The Waldlaufer winter collection has finally arrived - due 29th June!

Check out the Waldlaufer shoe measuring guide to get the right size shoe fit!

We are now trading under Covid retail guidelines.

For online orders or information just email your request to:- or phone 09 5797575 and we will reply.

How important is the right footwear?

Incorrectly fitting footwear can be the cause of a number of foot problems, so it is most important that your shoes are properly fitted.  Sometimes you are expected to be a foot mechanic or a shoe doctor of some kind to achieve the correct fit.  Here at Comfoot footwear we aim to take away all the stress and frustration of purchasing the best footwear solution for you and your family.

How can our shoe products help to alleviate foot pain?  

Many of our shoe styles have extra depth in the toe box to accommodate hammer toe deformities.  We also stock a range of wider fitting shoes suitable for those with bunions.

Specialty socks can protect the fat pads from shearing forces.  The more  severe the fat pad loss, the higher the level of padded protection required.

Do you have shoes for different left and right foot sizes?

For those with different foot sizes, there is an option of split pairs or custom-made shoes. 

Do you stock shoes for swollen feet? 

We stock a range of footwear and slippers suitable for swollen feet (oedema).  Some styles have neoprene uppers which will accommodate fluctuations in foot size.

What can be done for poor circulation?

For those with circulatory problems there is a range of specialty socks.

Can I have the right shoes for my feet and still be a fashion trend setter?

Well perhaps not always but you may be pleasantly surprised at the attractive styles that are currently available in the way of top quality, sensible footwear.  

How can I place an order online?

You can phone the Comfoot Footwear number 09 579 7575 to place an order during our usual opening hours of Tue-Fri 10 am to 4pm, Sat 10 to 2 pm. Please have the necessary details ready to tell us what you would like. If in doubt, please read the ordering Instructions.

Why must I phone Comfoot Footwear in order to place an order?

Online payments processing is not available via the Comfoot Footwear website and therefore we must take orders via the phone.  Most importantly, ordering by phone helps ensure there are no mistakes and you end up with suitable shoes that fit.

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For online orders phone 09 579 7575
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