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Good news!  Haflinger stock in store 30th June!!!!

 Haflinger slipper felt grey  Haflinger slipper felt red

And other good news...the factory which makes some styles in the town of Lviv western Ukraine is still producing. 

Lviv's population of 79000 is only 70 Kms away from the polish border.  Lets hope all will be safe.

The Waldlaufer winter collection has finally arrived - due 29th June!

Check out the Waldlaufer shoe measuring guide to get the right size shoe fit!

We are now trading under Covid retail guidelines.

For online orders or information just email your request to:- or phone 09 5797575 and we will reply.

M - Extra Extra wide
Calzamedi 0751
**NEW** Supportive and smart. Sizes: 37 to 42 Euro Width: M Colour: Black Price: $209.00
Calzamedi 0504
**NEW** Extra depth. Sizes: 39 to 42 Euro Width: M Colour: Black Price: $209.00
Calzamedi 02165 N
**NEW** Diabetic lace up sneaker. Sizes: 43 to 46 Euro Width: M Colour: Black Price: $215.00
Calzamedi 0752 N
**NEW** Diabetic lace up sneaker. Sizes: 38 to 42 Euro Width: M Colour: Black Price: $175.00
Waldlaufer Mimi 812502 Slip-on shoe
**NEW**  Slip into comfort for broad feet! Sizes: 5 to 81/2 UK (38 to 43 Euro) Width: M (Extra extra wide) Colour: Black
Waldlaufer M Sarah 807M01
**NEW**  Happy Happy Broad feet! Sizes: 6 to 8 UK Width: M Colour: Black
Solidus Maren 49500
New - For extra-wide Feet Sizes: 4.5 to 9 UK Width: M Colour: Grey
Waldlaufer Merle 811503
Sizes: 5 to 8 UK Width: M (extra, extra wide) Colour: Black
Waldlaufer M Iris 872M01
Sizes: 5 ½ to 8 UK Width: M Colour: Blue
Waldlaufer M Sarah 807301
Size: 5 to 8 UK Width: M Colour: Beige
Waldlaufer Myriam 813307
A popular comfort shoe for those who feel their current shoes are getting too tight. This shoe comes in M width which helps those with broad width or swollen feet. Easy to open and secure with two  ...
Calzamedi 0682
Ideal for those who have problems getting into shoes. The vamp open right out and the single Velcro strap easily comes across to secure the foot. Those with swollen or very broad feet would suit th ...
Calzamedi 0665
Designed to help those with swollen feet who have difficulty getting into shoes. Easy vamp opening with two adjustable straps. This extra deep shoe allows for thicker orthotics to be fitted. Has le ...
NEW - Calzamedi 684
Designed for those wanting a lightweight ankle boot with extra volume for wide or swollen feet. Comes with double zip opening for easy access and lacing to secure the ankle. Has soft leather upper wit ...
Waldlaufer Millu-Soft M54306
Ideal for those with a broad feet, large bunions, hammer toes and swollen feet Features 'Orthotritt' flexible sides adapt to the shape of the individual foot Stretch fabric and leather uppers w ...
Waldlaufer Merle 811004
Merle is a comfortable, everyday sandal especial for those wanting extra width for broad or  swollen feet.  It has soft Nubuck leather uppers, with wide Velcro fastenings across the vamp so they do ...
Solidus Maren 49500 Perlcalf/flower stretch
This has been a great shoe with M width, a lightweight sole and upper made from stretch material to reduce pressure on the foot.  The two adjustable Velcro straps allow the shoe to open out fo ...
Waldlaufer Monic Velcro shoe 820302
Another shoe option in the M width for those who need extra room due to swelling.  Comes with a single adjustable Velcro strap for easy access. Width: M Sizes : 4 to 8 uk Colour : Corda and i ...
Waldlaufer Millu-S M54302
This M wide fitting soft shoe has special panels on the sides that stretch to accommodate the wider foot, or feet with bunions.  The shoe is made of leather on the upper, in a python snake skin loo ...

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