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Waldlaufer Kiane extra wide sandal 642001
Popular light weight sandal which accommodates a broad foot.  Has a removable foot bed. Width: K Sizes :4½  to 8 ½ uk Colour : Corda Price : $199
Waldlaufer Monic Velcro shoe 820302
Another shoe option in the M width for those who need extra room due to swelling.  Comes with a single adjustable Velcro strap for easy access. Width: M Sizes : 4 to 8 uk Colour : Corda and i ...
Waldlaufer Merle extra wide sandal 811004
Merle comes in M width, an ideal sandal for those with swollen feet or a broad foot. Width: M Sizes : 3 ½  to 7 uk Colour : Taipei Corda and Taipei Black Price : $199  
Waldlaufer Klare slip-on 640004
An attractive comfortable slip-on with a supportive sole and heel. Width: K Sizes : 5 to 8 uk Colour : Sand and Metal Glitter note Price : $199  
Waldlaufer Kara extra wide sandal 684021
A very popular Velcro sandal allowing for wider feet and providing ankle support due to the filled in back.  Has removable foot bed to allow for orthotics if required. Width: K Sizes : 3 ½  to  ...
Waldlaufer Kathe 670503
Smart, summer weight colour, slip on shoe either for work or evening wear.  Kathe comes in the K width which is extra wide, suited to those with a broad foot.  Waldlaufer tends to be narrow at the  ...
Waldlaufer Kya 607312
Ideal for those with a wider foot and who want a lighter, covered-in shoe this summer.  Easy to put on with the adjustable Velcro strap and comes with a removable insole. Width: K Sizes : 4½  t ...
Waldlaufer Helke rocker sandal 553002
Another option to the Hanni sandal range.  The Helke has a different sole, is stronger and provides a more define rocking motion.  A great activity sandal for those long summer walks, keeping fresh ...
Waldlaufer Hanni rocker sandal 448002
A great rocker sandal for travelling or day wear. The three Velcro straps provides great fitting options.  The sandal also comes with a removable insole for orthotic use if required.  Extra support ...
Waldlaufer Holly boot 471900
Popular, Light weight ankle boot for general walking trails this summer.  Good support without the weight of a traditional tramping boot. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4½  to 7 uk Colour : Light Bl ...
Waldlaufer Hanni rocker 448001
A great rocker sandal for travelling or day wear.  The three Velcro straps provides great fitting options.  The sandal also comes with a removable insole for orthotic use if required.  Extra suppor ...
Waldlaufer Hilena sandal 582028
A popular, orthotic friendly sandal with good ankle support and removable insole. Velcro adjustment to suit narrow or medium foot widths. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4  to 7 uk Colour : Light Blu ...
Waldlaufer Haruka 345003
A smart casual shoe that not only stands out but is supportive.  Comes with a zip for easy closure and has removable insole. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4½  to 7 uk Colour : silver Price : $199 ...
Waldlaufer Hallisha 315001
Stand out in either silver or dark blue with adjustable straps to allow for better fitting options. Comes with removable insoles. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4 to 7 ½  uk Colour : silver or dark  ...
Waldlaufer Ginger 225006
A smart, comfortable sandal with adjustable Velcro straps to make fitting easy.  Has a removable insole. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4 to 7 ½  uk Colour : n/a Price : $189  
Waldlaufer Helli rocker 502006
A closed in rocker shoe in a summer colour.  Has a removable insole. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4 to 7 ½ uk Colour : Blue-silver Price : $199  
Waldlaufer Henni 496034
A light weight summer shoe in an exciting colour. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4 ½  - 7  UK Colour : Gaslassia Eclis Skin Price : $189
Waldlaufer Havy 389006
Looking for a lightweight shoe that stands out this summer while giving you good support?  This lace up shoe comes with a removable insole. Width: H (Wide) Sizes : 4 - 7 ½  UK Colour : Silver ...
Waldlaufer Millu-S M54302
This M wide fitting soft shoe has special panels on the sides that stretch to accommodate the wider foot, or feet with bunions.  The shoe is made of leather on the upper, in a python snake skin loo ...
Waldlaufer Myriam 8130001
This shoe is perfect for people who need that extra volume in the shoe due to swollen or very broad feet.  This shoe comes with removable insoles to fit a full orthotic insole if required. Width  ...

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